Things That Are True

Going to New York this weekend to throw BFF Amy a baby shower!

Going to New York this weekend to throw BFF Amy a baby shower!

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Iggy Azalea and tartar sauceĀ 

Oh hey guys, did I miss anything?

Oh hey guys, did I miss anything?


if you listen closely you can hear all the plants and bugs talking shit about you

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Jewish Summer Camp

I was at Six Flags Magic Mountain with my Jewish youth group one day during the summer between 6th and 7th grade. We were accompanied by 2 college aged counselors. The female counselor had been with us all summer. She seemed like quite possibly the coolest person ever. Her childhood best friend was a child actor on a very popular tv show and when it came time to shoot the covers for the book series based on the show, my counselor got to be on the covers with her friend. The tv show wasn’t on anymore, and it wasn’t cool to admit that you liked it even when it was on, but this piece of trivia was super cool. The male counselor had called in sick that day. So, a friend of the female counselor was filling in.

He was college bro cool. He was wearing cargo shorts and rainbow brand flip flops. In my memory he has a soul patch, but I’m not sure if that’s true or just wishful thinking. He immediately bonded with two of the young jewish boys. They spent the whole day together, went on every ride, and discusses how life would be different had Bradley Nowell not died.

At the end of the day we all piled back on to the bus to head home to Long Beach (Did you guys know that Sublime is from Long Beach?!?). The last to get on the bus were the two 13 year old jewish boys and their 19 year old new best friends. They were laughing hysterically.

They sat down across the aisle from me. I asked what was so funny. They laughed again and pulled out a picture from one of the roller coasters. All three of them were doing a hand gesture.

I asked what the hand gesture was. They of course laughed again and said it was the shocker. I asked what the shocker was and was treated to a stereo recitation of “two in the pink, one in the stink” followed by a peal of laughter.

Confused I pressed them for more information. Finally the male counselor said that I wouldn’t understand until I got to college.

I just remembered this story and am not skeeved out by a 19 year old man explaining what the shocker was to two 13-year-old boys and telling a 13 year old girl she’d understand the shocker in college.

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The Truth About Me In A Nutshell
  1. My mother recently asked me if my therapist likes me.

  2. My father told me I look pretty when I’m sad.

  3. My first kiss was with my optometrist’s son. Our fathers played softball together for a team in a Jewish Synagogue League. We snuck off and kissed in a equipment closet.

  4. The summer between middle school and high school I went up 3 bra cup sizes.

  5. I don’t like pickles but I will try any pickle that’s placed in front of me on the off chance that I suddenly like them.